Wednesday, May 23, 2012

More Spring Things with a new poem

Come see what we have

Yeah, You're gonna love it
It's so exciting

A brand spankin' new little filly Born this morning

The goslings are all a flutter

The chicks and Poults (baby turkey) Too.
When spring comes around at our place
Life ain't never slow

 Cows are pushin' fences as if
they've someplace to go.

So we saddle up and take em
 to the mountain to roam

so's we can get things settled
'till Fall, when they come home.

Lambs are runnin' here and there
The sheep's been busy,too

when the cows are on the mountain
our work still aint through

Then there's always chicks and poultry
scratching here and there

and we're sure keepin a close eye 
on the old brood mare.

Yes, Springtime sure is busy
It means we've  work to do

cleaning stalls and planting hay
and starting sprinklers, too.

The garden still needs planting
That one fence has a hole

But hold on just a moment
The brood mare had her foal.

We pause from all the hustle
and gather round to see.

Nothing can refresh us more 
then new life in the country

-Cathy Brian-



Adams Family said...

She is beautiful and so is the poem. It helped me feel better about having a lot to do but not letting it matter too much.

Jennifer said...

Aw, love baby colts and the goslings are too cute too!

Jenny said...

Aw, congrats to Buck. Who gets this Philly?

Cowboy mom said...

This one is aubrees she decided since the foals dads name is Dollar and her mom is buck she'd name it Penny