Tuesday, May 29, 2012

memorial Day

Traditionally we went and put up these moose

Here's the other one.  I liked the flag in the background

Discussing ancestors this was the grave of the ancestor that Oaklee BELLE was named for.

Oaklee was gathering up stray flowers and putting them hear and there.

Chance Kirk's Named after this Man.

I think that tree has doubled in size....at least

We then left Lyman and went to the Loa Cemetery where Many more  family members reside These are the Great Grandparents who lived in the house we now live in.

looking for more family members.

Memorial day means more then a day off at work here.  There is always a little service at each of the cemeteries in Wayne County. There's a feeling of reverence as we spend time at each cemetery finding ancestors and remembering them, and their lives. 


Adams Family said...

Ah, it looks like Dad chose the right place to be buried.

Jenny said...

I feel kinda bad that I didn't go to any cemeteries. I always forget...which is pretty ironic as it's "Memorial" day. Sigh! I'm glad you remembered. I love Oaklee's coat, btw.