Saturday, May 26, 2012

Clear Path

Clear Path

Oh why did I not see the paths I could have trod?
Were they veiled in a mist from heavens dew?
Were the lives I might have had hidden by the hand of God
Because He knew that my joy would be with you

Do I have faith enough in this path that He has shown
To overcome all the hurts I’ve caused and felt?
Can I trust this is the way? Can I see how much I’ve grown?
And remember answers I’ve received as I’ve knelt?

The path I have chosen is rocky, yes, and steep.
But it seemed back then the only way to go.
It leads me ever on into lands that I may keep
And those misted paths would not have helped me grow.

So patiently let’s move each step to higher ground
We will focus on a sweeter destination.
Together hand in hand is easier, I have found.
For I cannot, without you, reach exaltation.

© Cathy Brian 2012


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Love your poems Cathy