Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Oaklee speaks Dog

 It's true every now and then a child comes along that actually speaks dog.  Just look at this girl.  
 She really has no fear of animals at all.  I've even seen her a time or two sitting on the fence having conversations with the horses.  So She must be more then bilingual.  
 She loves the dogs 
And the Dogs love her.  But here's how I know for sure she speaks dog.

Angie will sit on any of our porches and wait for some one to come out.  She then looks up at us and does what a lot of dogs do.  She does this sort of half howl half growl type of language.  We all just pet her and pretend to growl/howl back.  But, today Oaklee opened the back door and there sat Angie.  She greeted Oaklee in said manner and as Oaklee was shutting the door we heard her say to Chance...


Now if you happen to be a dog lover this is plainly obvious to you that Oaklee understood exactly what Angie was saying.  If you're not so much of a dog fan.....just trust me.  She DEFINITELY speaks Dog.

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