Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Really Should Wait......

..............The doors aren't painted yet. They finished with the facia today. It looks so good That I just can't help it. I had to post some more pictures. I'm thinking I'll paint the front doors themselves dark brown with the trim the same color as the Soffit. What do you think? I'm not very good at design stuff and color patterns but I think that those colors will look good. I've been looking at swatches. :0
AView of the back. I'm Going to leave these doors the color they are. See, I really should have waited until I had it all cleaned up again. But the house looks so good I'm hoping you don't notice that. And yes we still need cement poured or decks built.See The scaffolding is gone.

That Makes the biggest difference. I got so tired of mowing around that durn scaffolding.
WELL, YAY!!!!! the outside work is done (except my part) Now if we can just get the inside done and I could get back to a normal life.......Well, as normal as we used to be, anyway.

Not only the house but I just noticed the sky in this picture. I'm sure it looks so brilliant because my house makes it look that way.

I was messing around with picture taking. My Oldest two boys and I have a cowboy poetry contest this weekend in Montrose Colorado. I kind of like the way this one looks. Maybe I can fool the judges into thinking I always wear a cowboy hat. ;)


Felicia said...

It looks SO good!!!

My first choice for the doors would be cream/taupe/beige whatever you call it. Darker than white, but lighter than your stucco.

But, I do love brown in every shade...just ask Vanessa. Maybe a dark candy bar colored brown would be nice.

Whatever you choose, just head on down to my house when you finish 'cause my doors are still stark white, and the instructions said to paint them within 6 weeks. Oops.

Felicia said...

I was just thinking about your doors some more while eating my lunch, and had another idea:

Find a paint chip that is the same color as your stucco, and then go SEVERAL shades darker for the door, so that there's a really good contrast, but not necessarily as dark as candy bar brown.

I can't tell from your picture if your shingles are black, or black/brown, or charcoal, or what they are, but I also think it would look good with a color similar to the shingles.

By the way, I absolutely LOVE the red/rust trim color. And I think your house DOES make the sky look more brilliant :o)

Adams Family said...

The house looks good but you look awesome. I'm being serious.

Techno Grandma said...

Wow!!! Would you look at that sky! ;-)

Julie Harward said...

Hey, who put a new home on your lot? It looks awesome! Love the colors you are choosing, just go with YOUR "gut feeling"..it's always right! I wish I would have been smarter as I raised kids..all that white was awful to keep clean! Love the family pic below too, so powerful! :D

Boy Mom said...

Love the colors! Love the picture!

I just may drop everything and come down for the day.