Monday, September 27, 2010

Here a Little There a Little & Chancee's Chatterings

Just notice the trim around the doors.

Every little bit makes things look better. I finally painted the trim on the doors. Next step is the cement work, next week hopefully.
Yesterday we went over to the bishops house. We always do a third Sunday get together( I know it was the fourth Sunday yesterday but last week was stake conference) with the bishopric families minus the bishopric. They're at the church all day. We do a quick lesson and then let the kids play for a little bit. well, yesterday was not an extremely good day for Chance's head. He fell off the swing and landed on his head. Then he and another little boy bonked heads and It was hard enough that tears were involved. very shortly after that we headed home. Chance whimpered the whole way home and as soon as we walked in the house decided that a drink of water would help his head feel better. It did!! after he took a drink I looked down at Chance and could see the "thinking look" appear on his face and sure enough, he looked up at me and said....
"Mom, When you take a drink does your heart get wet?"
"Of course it does." says I, and Chance bounces a way with his headache gone and his heart wet.


Midlife Mom said...

Looking good girl!!!! Don't you just love getting a project finished?! Your house is looking really good!

So glad that Chance didn't have any lingering problems from his fall on his head, boys seem to do those things don't they?!

bj said...

Hi, Cowboy Mom...I'm bj and so glad to meet you. I just saw you on a sidebar somewhere and decided to swing by.
We live in West Texas...and I am 72, married to a marvelous Mr. Sweet..2 kids that have been kind enuf to bless us with 10 grandloves and one little GREAT-grandgirl.

I love your pretty house...and love the fact that you have such a beautiful family...way to go, girl..
Come by when you can..
xo bj

Adams Family said...

I hadn't seen the door done red yet. It really ties the trim work in. I like it.

Suz said...

Well howdy!
I love the remodel, you ARE coming my way next right. I know you have the time. You are so luck to have such an enthused hubby to help you.

I hope all is well.