Thursday, September 2, 2010

Irish Countryside, Sheep, Family Picture, & Bailing hay

We've had such a wet summer that the hills are beautiful.

This picture doesn't show how really green they look but it reminds me of the countryside in Ireland.

Bringing the sheep off of Boulder Mountain this year was not a good experience! They went up last Saturday morning and didn't get home until Midnight. The sheep scattered, Caib was on a horse that didn't know a thing about herding and towards the end of the day she simply laid down and refused to go any further. They took Caib's saddle off of her and left both her and his saddle in Dark Valley and We had to go back up Sunday to get them. The boys had bets on whether or not the horse was even still alive. She was and when they found her she wasn't more then a hundred yards from Caib's saddle. Days like that are days that teach a lot. It was fun listening to the conversations that followed the experience.

This is Sunday right near where we picked up Caib's saddle. I had my camera so I figured I would get a family picture. "Come on everyone, time for pictures"

We had one try (my battery was running low)

I guess we'll have to try again another time. I don't think I've laughed so hard at a picture as I laughed at this one. It looks like I lined us all up and yelled grunt!!!

Oh well, Pictures that make us laugh are usually the ones that keep the memories alive.

I wish I had a picture today of my first time bailing Hay. Yep that's right, I've been married to a farmer/rancher for fifteen years and this is the first time I've ever bailed.
This picture is a picture of a tractor similar to the one I drove. My next goal is to drive the swather and cut hay. I love to mow lawns, how different can it be?


Felicia said...

I love the "grunt" picture :o)

My mom has still never bailed hay after 33 yrs. of marriage to a farmer!

Julie Harward said...

I have thought the same about all these green hills, love it! You want to drive the swather? Good luck, bet you can too ! :D

Stephanie said...

You should blow that picture up real big and put it on the wall!