Tuesday, September 7, 2010

3 different angles

Standing in the mud room door looking out.
standing in the new dining room. The door on the left is the new office, the door next to it goes into the new laundry room complete with a bathroom(yeah!!) and the door next to the fridge is my new pantry.

Standing on my hearth.
The stucco workers came today and worked on the soffit and facia and put the final coat on my windows. They look nice!! They should be finished with everything outside by the end of this week. except for the cement work. We're still waiting for a bid on that. When they're done and have the scaffolding down I'll take a picture. It'll look nicer.
So I've spent a lot of time standing in the new kitchen trying to decide what shape to do my Island. We have to be creative to get enough cupboard space. It feels good to be getting closer to being done.


real-life said...

How exciting, it's so open! I love it and can't wait to come down and see it finished. How do you like washing dishes in the bathroom? I hated it when we re-did our kitchen.

Adams Family said...

Wow! Those are the first pictures that I could really tell what was going on. It is really nice.