Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Off To Montrose Colorado

I have "Why did I agree to this " moments but this Montrose Colorado trip is more of a "why did I agree to this" weekend.
Yes I allowed myself to be talked into going to a national Cowboy Poetry Rodeo In Montrose, CO. Come to find out Australia and Canada are involved this year, as well. It is a competition involving Cowboy poetry Writers and reciters. The Cowboy Poet who came up with the whole concept and turned it into a national event called me personally to invite me and my two oldest boys to come and compete this year. I think the only reason I consented was because last year he called and invited us as well. I turned him down last year. He pleaded and begged this year so now I'm having one of those moments.

But..... We're going. We leave tomorrow. I have to admit I'm looking forward to the "mini Vacation" and I do enjoy cowboy poetry. I just am not to sure about getting up on stage myself and having to cleverly perform some of my poetry, enough so that it stays with the judges and is memorable to them. I think Caib and Braden will do well. Braden especially, he seems to have an easier time on stage then Caib. But I think once Caib learns to relax and allows himself to just be Caib, that he'll end up being a great entertainer. I absolutely love Caibs sense of humor. He's the type that can confuse people unless they listen closely and realize that he's joking. And he's an extremely quick thinker.

Ah well, The best part about this is that when I get back the inside of my house will be ready to paint. So....Guess what I'll be doing next week. And then I'm doing the floors myself. Maybe I can get those done as well. Can you tell I'm getting anxious about getting things done. I'm sooo tired of living without a kitchen. I do believe it will be worth it but I Can't wait to get things back in order.


More Joy in "The Service" said...

Good luck! You'll do really great! Have fun in CO. I love it there!
Have a good "mini" vacation!

Boy Mom said...

Well how did you do! I love your poetry and all of you performing.