Thursday, August 26, 2010

So This is What it's Like Raising Cowboys

I have to admit I was a bit premature with my feelings of pride when I fixed this drawer. For months it has had a wobbly front (If you pulled on the knob a little hard the whole drawer front would come off). With three or four finishing nails poking out of it. Part of me puts up with stuff like that just to see if the male population in the house will show a little manly skills and grab a hammer and glue and fix it with out being asked to fifty million times, silly me what was I thinking?. It never happened so I grabbed the glue and a hammer and headed to the bathroom yesterday morning. I pulled out all the nails pulled the drawer front off poured in a little to much glue slammed the front back on, with glue oozing a bit, hammered the nails back in in new spots so that they would hold, and Voila!! Nothing fancy but that drawer front wasn't going anywhere (litterally). I then shut the drawer, put the hammer away and went about my business. This morning as kids rushed madly about getting ready for the first day of school, Caib asked me where his "orange deodorant" was. I told him to check the bottom drawer in the bathroom. He tried, really tried!! It wasn't opening he yanked, he pulled...Nothing. Here's where the cowboy comes in. He found a piece of rope, tied it to the handle wrapped the rope around his body and pulled for all he was worth.................Again, Nothing.

My excuse.....If the men in this house would do the little fix it jobs that are obviously an easy fix for men!! Then their wives wouldn't have to glue the drawers shut!!!

I got the kids off to school came home looked at the rope tied to the bathroom drawer and thought if Caib couldn't get his weight to open this drawer then surely I can. He may be almost as tall as me but he doesn't out weigh me yet. I grabbed the rope and pulled for all I was worth.

Man!!! when I decide to fix something I sure do fix it. When my construction workers get here I'm gonna ask if I can borrow one of their BIG crow bars.

Next time I'll ask fifty million times and smile every time I open the drawer and the front comes off.


Felicia said...

I had to laugh at this, 'cause I've had a drawer front missing in my kitchen for well over a year...nails poking out and everything :o)

In Todd's defense, he did try to fix it once, but it didn't last long.

I'll probably have to wait until the baby starts crawling and getting into the plastic baggies.

Boy Mom said...

Ha good thing that's not where you keep your chocolate stash, deodorant's not that big a deal.

a little smile at a construction worker might just get the job done.

Techno Grandma said...

I've learned, the hard way, To remove the whole drawer and glue and nail it outside and use C-clamps until I'm sure the glue is dry. :)

Stephanie said...

Haha! That sounds like something I would do...