Thursday, August 5, 2010


they finished taking out a wall and put in two windows. This is the..........
North facing, and....
This is the South facing where the garage door used to be.
We still have three windows left to put in and three doors. That'll happen next Wednesday.
Funny how it seems you always have to wait on people. (Don't people know how important I am?;))
The Plumber won't be here until tomorrow and the heating guy will be here Monday. Then they can put in the floor and walls. What a process.


Adams Family said...

Wow, it is going to be sooo much roomier, if that is a word. It looks good.

Boy Mom said...

I'm planning my trip down to see it all, just as soon as I pay the Football Season ransom and get myself back. Probably, Thanksgiving!

Oh the joys of remodeling.