Monday, August 9, 2010

So This is What It's Like Raising Cowboys!

Remodeling has brought a few changes in my decor.
Yes that is a saddle rack in my Living room right next to my french doors But, there's a couple of saddles missing.

Oh Hey, Look out back, there's one.
Yes, I walked past the french doors and stopped short for just a moment. Braden had decided that it was easier to bring the horse to the saddle then the saddle to the horse. It must have been easier, because Caib followed suit.
(Notice the green cast on the back of the horse near the saddle horn.)
Oh the joys of raising cowboys!!!!


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Boy Mom said...

I wasn't looking for Caib's arm when you said green tint..I was looking at the green tint on the grass sure to make your grass a little greener.

I love the saddles in the living room.