Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Chancee's Chatterings

If you've never remodel it's quite an experience but you'll just never understand until you are right in the middle of it all. Today we had the stucco people here. Yesterday we had my old kitchen floor jacked up and leveled out. They had to Jack it up over four inches to get it level. Right beneath my old kitchen is the fruit room. so the workers were going up and down the stairs and it took them most of the day.

We went swimming yesterday so that Caib could finish his swimming merit badge and when we got home the workers were finished and had gone home. We weren't here when they glued and then nailed the new floorboards down.

Today I needed some things for dinner out of the fruit room I went down stairs to get them with Chance on my heels, as usual, When I opened the door I noticed the smell of the glue was a little bit strong. The light doesn't work in there. I had a flashlight so that I could find what I needed and stepped into the "cave"
My fruit room door
Chance stepped in right behind me and started to sniff the air

"sniff...Sniff...Sniff Do I smell Spiders in here?" He asks

"Hmmm" Says I

"I do, Mom." he says "I hate spiders"

We quickly got what I needed and left the fruit room.
I'm Sure glad Chance doesn't go to school for another year. I'll hate to miss all his little chattering

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Felicia said...

When Chance goes to school, you'll have to have MarJean write down all the things he says :o)