Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Chancee's Chatterings

Earlier today Braden was doing a maze on the computer. When he got to the end of the Maze the reward was, You got your pants scared off of you when a scary looking lady appears on the screen and screams with fear. Well, it worked, it scared Braden to death and he stupidly showed it to Caib, Chance and Aubree.

Later durring the day Chance comes into my room where I am ironing and our conversation goes just like this:

Chance: Mom, That person scared me.

Me: What person?

Chance: That person that went, AHHHHH, AHHHHHHHHHH. I don't like that person it scares me.

Me: Great, Well I'll just let Braden sleep with you tonight.

Chance: No mom, I can't let Braden sleep with me he squirms.

Me: What?

Chance: Because he squirms to much. He can't sleep with me.

Me: Well, When you sleep with me you squirm too much.

Chance: Really!!! OH! That's nice of you , mom. That's so nice.

and he leaves the room.

Uhhhh........ I think I've just been hoodwinked.

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Techno Grandma said...

That is the cutest picture of Chance!!