Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm Tired and........Oh Well, we're having FUN!

What a busy summer!! Ah, well we are having fun! It all started the first of this month with Baseball Tournaments. Braden was on the All star team and we had games in Nephi the first week of July. Right after his second night of games we headed up North........
To the Zoo

Oaklee really liked the...

Chance Loved the Elephants

Aubree Loves Zebras.

Caib spent the whole day pestering us about the Kangaroos. He really wanted to see them.

And the Gorillas adopted Braden.

We all enjoyed the Train ride. Just look at Chancee's face...Pure Joy.
And now notice the smile (grimace) on Rogers face

Then we had a ton of food, fun, and wet, time at my families reunion.

Next was Oaklee's Birthday. She got those four presents, We lined them up in a row and let her choose her favorite. She absolutely loves balls. She spent most of her birthday Picking up her ball throwing it as best she could and then chasing it. we ended the day with cake and Ice cream.

And then we had the state tournament this week with a day of exciting baseball. Braden Played exceptionally well. He only struck out one time in both the games they played and made some great plays at second.
I Love Summer time. We're busy and mostly happy.


Julie Harward said...

These BUSY times are the best, when they're all grown up and gone, you'll miss it all~ (we loved the zoo when we lived in Kaysville, went lots)

Adams Family said...

It sounds fun. We enjoyed watching Braden play. I wish you had more games up here.

The Colemans said...

Looks like fun!!! Hey we are going to lake Powell hte 22-25 if you guys want to come down and play for a day or two we have plenty of room and you are more than welcome. I think Michelle is meeting Shannon down there on wed. Let me know if you want to.

Jenny said...

What the heck! Every time I go to the zoo the cheetah, my favorite, is no where to be seen. Argh!

Idaho Beagleys said...

Look at that group....always was jealous of such a big family...sigh, sigh.....
Looks like fun though!