Monday, July 27, 2009

I Can't Figure it Out, But What Did You Expect

I was walking through the house doing the typical straightening and cleaning and whatever else I was doing, when I walked through the hall from my room on the way to the kitchen. and did a double take. HM......Well............I can't figure it out. But I kind of got a kick out of it. so I left it there.
And, Well.......What did you expect?

Yeah, Roger saw it and he couldn't help it. First of all he took it off and put it on Grandpas face right there above where it had been taped. Then he thought Braden might get a kick out of it so moved it. I laughed because that is exactly what Grandpa would have done.


Adams Family said...

That is exactly what Dad would have done. I want a framed picture like that. It looks really nice.

Boy Mom said...

So Braden got Grandpas nose and Roger got his sense of humor?

Techno Grandma said...

Grandpa would love this blog!!