Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Super mom, Not Super Mom

Sometimes I think I'm Super Mom! (I probably am) . At the beginning of this week I had some great aspirations. Roger was leaving for Saltlake and wouldn't be home until Thursday. So I planned my week. I was going to start in Monday and take every thing out of the one bedroom downstairs that no one sleeps in, Paint the walls and move Aubree into it. Then I was going to paint the room Aubree was in, move Caib into it, and put Chance downstairs in the room that Caib was in. Plus, I was going to clean Rogers and My room out Maybe paint it and ...........
Anyway, I got Everything moved out of the vacant room, and then I asked Aubree what color she wanted to paint it.
Well, instead of a castle on the wall( that's what is on the wall of the bedroom she's been in) I want a cottage and I want a pond on one wall and some trees on a wall and I want a big rock on a wall. It will be my thinking rock.
What? Well, I am Super Mom after all so O.K. I can manage some of that.
Here's the Cottage.

And here's the trees.

And I didn't get a picture of the pond but it didn't turn out to well anyway. and the big rocks just going to have to wait, 'cause here it is Thursday and I still have two rooms to clean, paint and organize, two kids to move into two rooms and my own room to finish.

So, In Aubree's eyes I am a Super Mom But I guess I'm not Super Mom!



Julie Harward said...

Oh, i think you are a super mom in every way...that is just great, and most important of all, you made her happy! Everyone else can take a number! :D

Adams Family said...

That looks awesome. I'll get you a super mom cape.

Daniel said...

That's cute! You did a great job. -Stephanie

Techno Grandma said...

I like your creativity!! You know
"If you don't like the room,
I can change it like, Zoom!"

I haven't painted even a refresher coat of paint in years.

Boy Mom said...

That's darling, you really are a good artist. I think you should bring a real rock in the house and set it by the wall.