Monday, March 9, 2009

Finally an Inspiration.

I have had the desire for many years to try writing a book.

The phone rang one weeknight a couple of weeks ago and Caib answered it. I sat and listened as he talked briefly(typical for Caib) and then hung up the phone. "Who was that?" I asked.

"That was my teacher from school" He mumbles.

Then: "Mom, do you think Dad would let me have a Goat?"

"What?" I asked, wondering where the Idea of a goat suddenly came from. I expect Maybe dogs or possibly a horse, but a goat?

"Well, my teacher has a goat and she's worried that it's getting mean and will hurt her kids so she wondered if we want it."

Trying to avoid giving the wrong answer and watching Caib closely to try to see how he feels about this goat I reply: "You probably better ask your Dad."

Well, after some debate about the gender of the goat and where exactly Caibs teacher lived, Dad decided Caib could have the goat. After all, it is edible(so we thought and as if I could even bear the thought)

The very next Saturday Dad and the boys went and got this mean goat. Brought him home and staked him out by the fence(not steaked).

"He's tiny" was my first comment. He's, ruffly the size of a large Australian Shepherd.

"Yeah, well he's a pygmy goat. If I'd have known that......" Says Dad.

So, after church and dinner the next day Braden and Caib decided it would be fun to take this new goat on a walk. They did. I think every neighbor that drove by and saw them out walking their goat got the biggest kick out of it. At least there were some comments from the neighbors, as they laughingly told Dad what they'd seen.

But, despite everything. The little guy has the biggest attitude I've ever seen. And, he is tough Oh, yeah. Look out you big mangy cows he'll take any one of you down. I mean look at the size of his horns.

I can't help but love this little guy, who's horns reach to about my knees, I love his beard and those eyes.....very, very wise. Hm...........or devious well, anyway, I think I have the inspiration I need for the story I've been longing to write.


Techno Grandma said...

I think the goat is cute. What did you name him?

Cowboy mom said...

His Name is Oreo

Julie Harward said...

Oh..he is SOOO cute! We had a pygmy goat alot those same colors when we lived there in Loa. The lady that bought our house kept him ther with her goats. His name was Auggie (he was born in August). One day I came home, the horse had kicked him, proabaly because he was being sassy, had broken ine horn and it was hanging down over his face! So sad..the vet came and poured some powder in it and stuffed a cloth in the hole. It healed and eventually, it grew back. When she moved, he went with all the other goats to Cainsville. We really loved him though..he would lay his head in Lindsey's lap..very loving. Good luck with Oreo!

Boy Mom said...

Maybe he'll keep the grass mowed for you.