Sunday, March 1, 2009

Aubree's choice

Aubree and I have been looking at backgrounds and I told her she could choose any background that she wanted so she chose this one with the chalkboard and crayons. Cute Huh? I'm kind of surprised I thought she would pick a pretty pink one. Oh well for the next week we get this one.
Now every time I blog I will think about Aubree.

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Felicia said...

I just saw that you have the song "Daddy's Hands" on your music list.

The girl who wrote that song was a foster daughter of some friends of ours who had 12 children of their own. She wrote it for our friend (her foster dad), who passed away 10 years ago last week.

Todd and I were newlyweds, but this man had already made an impression on him in the short time that we were married. We went to the funeral, and this foster daughter came to sing that song (by this time it was already famous) that he had inspired.