Monday, March 2, 2009

Chancees' chatterings

Most of you know about Chancees' love of letters. Well.... sometimes he blows me away at the way he creatively makes the alphabet.

This morning this was what he came up with. "Hey Mom, what letter is this?"

I glanced over and after a brief pause say Oohh... that's a 'U'."

"Yep." he replied

"O.K., Mom what letter is this?"

was his next question.

"well, what is it" I asked him and to make Grandma happy..."and what sound does it make?"

He got them both right.

and then this is the one that amazed me.(but not the attitude)

"And what letter is this, Mom?"

Originally he tucked that dog leash up there so that he could pretend he was riding in a train and that was the whistle. but when he pulled down on it and saw what it looked like you could see the light go on. That's when the questions began, though he already knew the answers.


Mary Ray James said...

WoW Chancee. U are Very good.
What letter is this? Try the link below if it doesn't work, copy and paste the link in the address bar.

Boy Mom said...

He's a such a cutie! My boys drive me crazy eating pretzels with the, "What letter is this Mom?" question.