Thursday, March 5, 2009

So This is What it's Like to Raise Cowboys.

It's those cowboys!
they've got their bb guns they load them with hay. you may be saying "What are you talking about."
they take a piece of hay straw stick it half way in to the barrel. So it's poking out half way and then fire. The results: a very lame bullet that goes about fifteen feet. If you aim high and kind of aim with a lob. But tell me they look good. I mean look at their stance. Their form is perfect and they look dangerous. right?

Well, if that doesn't work maybe this hand made black powder long barrel will do the trick.
WHOA!!!!! somethings working looks like they hit everyone of their targets.


Julie Harward said...

Thanks..that was the first chuckle of the day! So I want to know how they got the cows to b e so cooperative!? LOL

Boy Mom said...

"Waell, didja git yer cow this year?"

"Sure did!"

Boy Mom said...

That was cowboy talk for funny cow boys, cute post!