Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Just a little update on the little filly. She's doing great. very curious little thing. She has a great Mom, who puts up with me going out and playing with her baby.
Aren't sisters great? I just snapped this picture and thought the wide, blue eyes and smile were cute. Oaklee's such a patient little sister. she get's so much love and hugs from her sister and brothers. Ah....but she loves it.


Julie Harward said...

Hi..saw you guys at the temple but didn't get a chance to say HI !! Milti Taft told me today at the temple that his new little foal died. It lived about 3 days, vet had a bad diarrhea..then it died. Sad, he felt bad. Your foal is very cute and all that handling will make it easy to break. The sisters are So cute...Love the Easter background too!

Suz said...

Love those blue eyes.
Wow, I can't belive how big your kids are. I had forgotten you had a new addition to the klan.
You and Roger impress me. Sometimes I wish we lived your life. Your boys are learning such great values. Those values are missing in alot of kids today. TV and game systems have corrupted them. I guess I've corrupted my kids. It is hard to get them to do the simplest of chores; done right to boot.
I miss your town. I want to come down soon, I guess I should talk your sis into it ehh.
Won't be participating in the tag. Sorry not much into that. It is rampid on facebook. Don't do it there either.
Love your poetry.

S'mee said...

Wow. I am here from Boy Mom's blog and I am hooked. Your poetry is heart wrenching and your life admirable. Awesome. Thanks for sharing.