Friday, March 13, 2009

Fat Horse and expectations

I struggle round this time of year.
I'm racing with the season.

It's still so cold and windy, too.
The weather just aint pleasin',

And I rush for warmer weather.
I want grass that's green and lush.

I long for those spring time flowers
Instead of brown grass and brush,

But one thing that I'll always love
'Bout this time of each fresh year,

Are the joyful expectations,
Of new life that's almost here.

It's always anticipation
That makes the wait worth while.

And the miracle that follows,
Brings meaning to the trial.

-Cathy Brian-

I thought maybe you'd all enjoy the wait with me. The horses Name is Buck, but despite that she is still expecting and so I share with you the anticipation. She should Foal any day now. I'll keep ya posted.


Adams Family said...

I too am tired of this time of year and wish that I would "foal" any day now. Actually, I think I am more impatient to get a house than I am to have this baby because I feel like it needs to happen first.

Techno Grandma said...

I didn't know Buck was expecting. I'll keep watching for pictures. Hope all goes well.

Julie Harward said...

Buck?? Shouldn't SHE be named Buckeeta or something a little more girlish? Bless her heart, you know I had a mare that I watched and watched, hoping to see the foal born..I left for 30 min. and she gave birth! I loved your poem! Everyone is talking spring..spring..spring, it better come quick or we'll all loose our minds!

Boy Mom said...

Wow, I think I remember when she was a baby.

Nice poem!