Sunday, March 22, 2009

So This is What it's Like Raising Cowboys on Sunday.

This is our attempt at a family picture. They never work as well as our outdoor attempts, Ah well.

We had a wonderful stake Conference this weekend. Beginning with A Friday temple session and there's a little cherry on top with the dedication of the new temple tonight that we get to go to with our two oldest boys.
Sunday dinner, we are sitting around the dinner table, we had a roast potatoes......the typical, and, among many discussions, we discussed the importance of manners. Nothing to unusual for a family dinner.
Dessert rolls around and we begin discussing what was said at conference. I brought up a topic I thought sure that at least the older boys would remember.
I say: " A rattlesnake was talked about today durring conference. Who can tell me what the talk was about?"
Caib surprises me by telling us all about the story of a rattlesnake on this scouts path and how the scout was taught to completely avoid such dangers.
I say: " So what does the snake represent?"
Again Caib pipes up with the right answer "Temptations"
I say: "So what do you do if Temptation is right on the path in front of you?"
Braden says "Pull out your shotgun."
End of conversation. I'm not to worried about my boys knowing how to deal with temptations. (or Rattlesnakes)


Julie Harward said...

This was such a great weekend with the temple, Conf., and the dedication..loved it all, except waiting to get my turn over with! When he talked about the snake, it made me think of my P. says to avoid evil as you would avoid a rattlesnake or scorpian! And boy, believe me I would!! Your picture is great..wonderful family!

Adams Family said...

I hope no girls try to tempt him. ;)

Jenny said...

I'm was not at all surprised that you and Chance are the only ones smiling.