Saturday, February 7, 2009

I would have had!

I would have had some very fun and interesting blogs posted this last week but my computer came down with something and I had to get it feeling better. But I'm back, thanks to a wonderful PC surgeon. (sorry Rob, your just to far away) yeah, it took a surgeon. But everything is working much better now.

here's another "So this is what it's like raising cowboys"

Note the holster and gun. The dogs um.... riding in Caib's saddle bag? My favorite part of this is the smile on the little guys face. What great brothers. My least favorite part is the hay leaves that end up in boots, pockets, hair, etc. But, note that it is still a favorite. And, thanks to shop vacs it's really not bad, at all, to deal with.

And Grandma, notice that they're coatless. That's because of the wonderful weather that we're having.


Anonymous said...

Are you suggesting I come down there?

Boy Mom said...

Anonymous should definitely get away for a few days and go visit.

My favorite pass time is washing dishes with the kitchen window open so that I can hear my boys out playing in the sand box.

Dang! I either need a dog or a baby. I just wanta reach in the screen and love on those dog ears.

Adams Family said...

Welcome back! I hate it when either my children or computer picks up a virus. It makes life miserable.
I am SO ready for summer too.