Saturday, January 31, 2009

Which Grandkid is your favorite?

Something worth TOOTING!!! about.

Yesterday was Mom's (Grandma James)Birthday. I had all my kids call and talk to grandma and wish her a happy birhtday. I subconciously listened to each conversation as I was preparing dinner and finishing up the frosting on her Birthday cake.(That's right, Chance wasn't going to let us miss out on the celebration just because we couldn't come up. Thus the Birthday cake.) After each of my kids talked to grandma and the phone was hung up. I Said, to no one in particular, "So, how old is grandma?"

Aubree answered "She's 68"

Caibs reaction: "Holy cow!! She's Old!!"

Braden: "How old is she?" as he walkes back into the kitchen to join in on our partially heard conversation.

Aubree: "She's 68"

Bradens response "Wow! She's young. I thought she was at least 70"

Now Let's pretend that Caibs response was in Awe and respect rather than shock.
That Aubree was using an "I know something that you don't" attitude, rather than just stating a fact that she'd learned.
And that Braden was brown nosing instead of speaking out before thinking about the actual difference between the ages 68 and 70.
Which grandkid is your favorite?
That's right I'm trying to confuse you.
Happy Birthday, Mom. We all Love you and think your the greatest!! Hope your Birthday was really worth Tooting about, Caib Thought so. I mean, HOLY COW, 68!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes. I'm also thinkin' Wow! 68 is gettin' close to seventy. I sure don't feel that old.

Love ya all,

Adams Family said...

MOM IS 68?? Sheeks! Ha ha

Boy Mom said...

My favorite grandchild, is Caib, because,"Holy Cow!" coming from a coy boy is pretty me anyway.

Anonymous said...

i just like all your kids, i think they are all right at the top of the o.k. list. Sorry to lazy to actually sign in:) Tracey