Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Side Tracked

O.K. here's Rogers declutter job. actually,he's just not finished. (Scroll down to my last post to see why I put this picture on).
But after I took that picture I got side tracked taking pictures of why he "decluttered" the shed. We bought some sheep this year and they were scheduled to lamb now instead of in march when we usually lamb so Roger built a lambing pen right outback so now I get to help lamb. It's my first time lambing. I'm so excited. Chance and I go out two or three times a day to see if we have any lambs yet. So far we don't. I'll post a picture of our first lamb. There's not many things cuter than a brand new little lamb.


Anonymous said...

I wish you kids would come declutter my house.

Felicia said...

I enjoyed your lesson today. I'd love a copy of the grasshopper/cricket poem. I tried to google it but didn't have any luck.

I also love the poem you wrote about your boys.

Anonymous said...

No new lambies yet? I've fallen in love with the sheep whose picture is on your blog. What is its name?