Tuesday, January 27, 2009

So this is what it's like to raise cowboys.

I've been through it all twice before, so I kind of know what to expect. But it still makes me laugh, anyway.

The only thing this picture is lacking is a gun and holster.

The percs of this attire include: If you have a batch of unwanted puppies. You can get at least $20.00 a piece for the cute little things. Just simply set this kid at the store with the box of puppies and a sign that says Puppies Twenty Bucks a piece. Just make sure it's tourist season or staff change at Aspen. I've even had people hand the kids 5.00 dollars just because they enjoyed seeing them all decked out. (that dosen't help with the puppy problem but it sure saves me when the kids think they need a drink or treats while they sit there.)

This picture really dosen't show the full affect. but, it's all I got this morning. Chance has been tying up "cows"(chairs).

Usually there are a lot more chairs and ropes, with a lot of yelling involved.

And finally this last picture just happens to show what it's like to be married to a true cowboy. (I just want to make it very clear, first, that if this really bothered me it wouldn't be like this.)

One strength of a cowboy is his amazing ability to fix anything, and I mean anything, with wire and a pair of pliers or fencing tool, whichever is available when the problem arises. As life goes on I love to look back and remember the good times, but mostly the jokes that only me and my be loved cowboy get. Fixing things with wire and pliers is one of them.

Caught off guard.


Adams Family said...

Cute, yeehaw!!!!

Boy Mom said...

At least it isn't duch tape!

I love when your boys are all decked out in their duds.

The Colemans said...

Cute picture of Chance.....and Rog.