Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm Tired!

My three youngest have taken night shifts. starting at midnight. Oaklee starts, she fusses and wants to eat so up I get and go take care of her. Chance takes 2:00A.M. he comes pattering into my bed and stands there beside me untill I either scream out of pure fear or help him crawl into bed with me(usually the latter, thankfully) after snuggling for 20-30 minutes I can usually safely carry him back to bed and he'll stay asleep. Then Oaklee takes another turn. It's 4:00 A.M. and she's hungry again. Sigh.... then 5:00 rolls around and I hear the stairs creek and wait as Aubree shows up at the side of my bed. I can usually talk her into sleeping on the couch for another hour or two but by 5:30 Chance wakes up for the day and lays in bed chattering untill 6:30 when Braden get's up to get ready for school. So....I'm tired. The only night hawk I ended up with, Caib. sleeps peacefully untill 7A.M. and then grumbles and groans his way out to feed the calves and check the sheep

By the way we have had 4 new little lambs. sorry I haven't gotten a picture of the one surving lamb yet. I'm kind of tired and a little discouraged at the stupidity of these sheep. One mother layed on hers and it died the other mother had triplets and not enough milk. hmmmm maybe thats why their previous owner sold them. ah well we should get lucky with the next 5.

I think I might start a little column titled Chancee's Chatterings. Yesterday he and Aubree were sitting at the table. Aubree was irritating him by pretending to wipe her hands on his back. He was getting madder and madder at her. He kept yelling "AUBEE, Stop!!!! AUBEE Don't!! ". finally he turned looked right at her and said "Hey! I not a paper towel!" That got Aubree laughing and solved the problem.. She quit wiping her hands on him and they continued eating. Thank heavens for quick thinking and a sense of humor. After all, I was really too tired to deal with fighting children.


Adams Family said...

Uh, don't let MaryAnn see this post as she is rather discouraged by just having one child.
I sure hope the rest of the sheep make it, sigh.

Mary Ray James said...

Hi, I'm tired too from blogging in the middle of the night.

Tracey said...

Ahhhhh the good ol' days my mom would say...hey wait a minute, isn't that what they call selective memory, or hearing, or old age... I don't remember I must be tired too:)love you.

Boy Mom said...

Sorry about the sheep. Couldn't you have helped the triplet mom out by adding another feeding shift to your night. Mommas milk is Mommas milk, right?