Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Chancees' Chatterings

Chance has a friend he calls "Mr. Fantastic" Just about every weekday morning while we are down in our corner office on Main street(the pick-up on the corner of Main and 1rst south)Chancees' friend wheels by in his wheel chair on the way to his job at the elementary school. "Mr. Fantastic always stops and visits with Chance for a few seconds each morning. This started last August around the first week of school. about that same time Chance began hollering to "Mr. Fantastic" after their short conversation and he'd headed to school. "DON'T FORGET!"
Neither "Fantastic" or myself could figure out why he shouted this after each conversation but we both got a kick out of it.
Then, a week later Chance added on to his daily reminder of "don't forget". His new daily reminder now became. DON'T FORGET AND STAY OUT OF TROUBLE!
So, for the last 5-6 months each school day the ritual has continued. except now Chance has added the family to his daily reminder. Braden leaves for the bus at 7:20 each morning. As he walks out the door He shouts "See Ya!" to which Chance began yelling, Yep...you guessed it, "Don't forget and stay out of trouble!" Braden responds "O.K. Bye!"
Aubree and Caib ride down to the "office" with us and walk to school from there. As they each leave for school first Aubree and then five minutes later Caib. He, in turn, tells each "Don't forget and stay out of trouble". They always respond with an O.K. or Alright see ya.
Roger leaves for work right around 8:15 every morning and as he hollers out "Bye" Chance quickly responds "Don't forget and stay out of trouble".
After Chance began adding family members to his daily reminder I got the great idea that it would make a pretty good family motto. Thus, the plaque. I know it's not really very fancy but Chance is so proud of it especially the part at the end that says -Chance Brian-.


Adams Family said...

Who did the wording for you? Did you order the entire sign or did you paint the sign and just have someone do the vinyl lettering? It's cute.

Boy Mom said...

Love it! I think we all need one.

If I could remember all the little things I swore I'd never forget and stay out of the trouble that forgetting brings, dang that'd be sumthin'!

Great saying Chance Brian.