Friday, February 20, 2009

So this is what it's like to raise cowboys!

Mom: Caib!!! get out side and get your chores done. NOW!(for the bazillionth time)

Caib: GRRR!!

Mom: If you don't get out there now I'll give you a spanking(I'm to the point that I'll try anything)

Caib:(disappears really fast)

Mom (Yelling loudly): What, Caib, your not man enough to handle a spanking?

Caib(quickly reappears turns around and bends over): I can handle a spanking.

Mom(swats him pretty hard, and laughing says): now get out there and get your chores done. (you should never miss an opportunity like that)

Caib: (Laughing says) See, I can handle it. Ha!!! (a slight pause and then): Mom, can I haul the bag of dog food in the tracker?

Mom:Probably not.

Caib: why, Braden gets to drive the pick-up.

Mom: do you drive the pick-up when your with Dad?

Caib: sometimes

Mom: Well, then maybe you'd better wait until Dad tells you, you can drive.

Caib(typically): AAHRGGG!!! I hate being the younger brother! I never get to do anything!

Mom(undisturbed and used to such outbursts): Fine, go haul the dog food in the tracker. (note: the dog food is only 75 feet away from where it needs to be)

Caib(standing up and heading out to do his chores whispers)YES!

Chance: Wait caib, I wanna go wif you.

Caib: Ya gotta wait until I'm done hauling the dog food, bud.

Mom(waits until Caib has gone outside then jumps up and runs to the window to see if her 10 year old can even get the tracker started. He does)

Caib(puts the tracker in reverse and after stalling 3-4 times finally backs up way to fast and slams on the breaks)

Mom(grins through the window where she can't be seen)

Caib(puts the car in what he thinks is first and stalls the tracker until Mom takes pity and goes outside)

Mom: Is it in first?

Caib: I think(he shifts to neutral and puts it back in first...................................

Long story short. the dogs got fed this afternoon from a bag of dog food that Caib hauled 75 feet in the tracker after stalling quite a few times and then lurching to a stop way to close to the dog pens. After emptying the bag of dog food into the can he easily got the tracker into reverse, and as I watched from the house, sped backwards out of the lot and into the street, almost. He managed to throw on the breaks and get the tracker stopped after running over one log near the wood pile just before almost backing onto the paved road.

I wish that I could say that Caib learned his lesson and won't want to drive for awhile, but, unfortunately, he's a cowboy and, sigh... That is not what it is like to raise cowboys.

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