Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"Chancee's Chatterings"

sssssshhhhhhh!!!!! We're whispering. I have no Idea why. Chance is sitting under my feet with a blanket tied on like a cape and another blanket draped over the front of the desk so he can hide. Oaklee is asleep in her carseat in the other room so that Chance can Play in the tent that we set up for him in his room. So, Why is he in here, under my feet whispering up at me from under the desk and behind a blanket?

I don't know! that's just Chance.

Chance: (in a whisper from under the desk) Mom?

Mom: (tuning him out as she blogs, says nothing)

Chance:(again from the same location whispers) Mom!

Mom:(continues silently blogging)

Chance:(in a very very Loud whisper)MoM!

Mom:(finally whispers back) What.

Chance:(whispering still) I Love You!

Mom:(Not teary eyed, or endeared, or guilty, just programmed .responds) I Love You, too.

That's right if you haven't guessed it I spend a lot of my time responding to my three year olds constant declarations of love.

Ahh, but I do love the little guy!!


Mary Ray James said...

You could write a whole book on Chancee's Chatterings and it would sell like hotcakes.


Boy Mom said...

He is such a cutie.