Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sick mommy!

Moments in a moms life that make even the sick days worth it.

Last night for dinner we had peanut butter and jam sandwiches. Well....Aubree and Chance did, anyway. Aubree was the chef. I was so sick all day that I didn't eat a thing. Aubree decided that she could make dinner for herself and Chance. She even gave him the option of having a corn dog or a sand which. Braden, Caib and Dad had to fend for themselves. I think they had sandwiches as well. I wouldn't know. The fun thing about it was seeing a 6 year old feel so responsible because she was taking over for mom who couldn't do a thing.

Thankfully I'm feeling 80% better today and even had some toast for breakfast.

Another Moment that made this Mom grateful. Caib had to give a talk in church on Sunday. The topic was "Heavenly Father sent me to Earth to be with a family." Our FHE lesson the Monday before had been on team work and the importance of learning to work together as a team family. Caib and Braden are on a Basketball team. Their first game was, well....pathetic. The team had played miserably together and Braden and Caib had both been very nervous about even getting the ball. (That's what prompted the FHE lesson). So we discussed the whole idea that if they aren't living as good team members in the family or in life then it shows on the court, and in other areas of their lives. The next Game they had, they didn't win but it was so improved that the kids felt much better after the game. They had even contributed a few baskets to the team.

The grateful moment in this Mom's life came from being given the chance to help Caib prepare a talk. Thanks to the Basketball experiences and those that give their time to help the boys play and learn. Caib understood the whole concept of working together as a team and doing his part to make the team(family) successful. You should have seen the determination on his face as he defended a kid almost a foot taller than he is and kept him from scoring the last 2 points of the game.


Rob said...

I love watching kids play sports especially when they are learning things of importance.

Rob said...

Uh, that and this is Amy.

Boy Mom said...

I think Rob is just trying to be your favorite Brother-in-law by leaving multiple comments. Uh, I mean Amy.

Great post. I love helping my boys prepare talks, I learn even more than when I prepare myself.