Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas Trees

The snow was just deep enough to cover the ground and flock the evergreens. It brought with it an almost sacred beauty. Christmas was fast approaching and once again it was time to go out onto the mountain and find the perfect Christmas tree for our home, and Grandmas home, and great grandmas home, and anybody elses home who dosen't have the time, means, or desire to brave the cold mountain. I would never miss it, myself. The beauty is well worth the cold and excitement of 5 overly excited children who can't wait until that Jolly old elf appears at the end of next month.

Oaklee spent most of the tree hunt in the warm pick-up.

Aubree and Chance braved the cold once or twice. Caib and Braden spent as much time as possible running through the trees and rolling in the snow.

Braden thought this tree looked pretty good.
And then on our ride home we saw oh, about 200 elk.(no joke)These are a few of the bull elk we saw,
mostly there were cow elk every where.
We saw deer and antelope.
Of course, after the first rabbit the rest of the rabbits stayed hidden, with Caib sporting his 22. Caibs taking hunter safety this month and he's pretty excited about learning to hunt.
All in All we had a great time and came home with some nice trees. and the beauty of it all was well worth the overcrowded conditions and the few peices of sticky butter toffee popcorn that need to be cleaned up.


Boy Mom said...

beautiful pictures, if you have any extras send one our way. ;)

Cute picture of Oaklee.

Boy Mom said...

Extra trees not pictures.