Friday, November 14, 2008

For the birds

Roger likes birds and I'm a sucker for any little animal. we had parakeets for years and Roger has missed our little birds for about a year now so when we went Christmas shopping yesterday we stopped to look at birds.
I'd like to introduce you to our new little Zebra Finch. they are both male and we are trying to decide what to call them. They kind of remind me of those birds on that little mini movie before Monsters inc. So far I'm really enjoying these little guys. They aren't nearly as loud as a parakeet but they definately make lots more sound.
So that makes about 50 cows, almost two hundred sheep, 4-5 horses, 5 dogs, 8 chickens, 1 goat, a cat, and 2 finches. I love it, its like our own little world. Thank heavens the only animals that are allowed in the house are the two smallest. Any name suggestions would be greatly appreciated and considered. I suggested Ludwig and Johan, Roger wondered why and Braden figured it out immediately and told him. I think Roger was impressed that a twelve year old boy knew who they were. so Bach and Bethoven are being considered but I'm not sure they fit.
I love this picture of the little guy(guys).


the james family said...

john says bob and tom. I said why and he rolled his eyes and with just as quick a thought he says well because it's the name of the Harmons guys. Ooookay. So we say BOB and TOM:)

Boy Mom said...

Thadeus and Ignacius cause those are some smokin' hot bird names.