Thursday, November 20, 2008

Things I can't find for Christmas

I asked Aubree what she wanted for Christmas this year. She wanted a lot of things but most of all:

"I really really, really want a pink alarm clock radio with princesses all over it, and I don't want it to play anything except princess songs."

umm O.K. so, I guess I can find that. I search the internet for day's. First looking for princess CD players. I figure I can get CD's of princess songs and she'll understand that radios play whatever they want. But, all the princess pink stuff I find has bad reviews and I really don't like the looks of them. so I think maybe just a pink boom box and a set of princess stickers will work but all the Pink Boom boxes are not available on line or in the store. But, they do have them. mm hmm. whatever. O.K. so I guess my next option is an MP3 player. It can be pink and it will only play princess songs. But is it just me or is that to much for a six year old.

K, here's the scary part. I'm starting to feel like my Mom.(sorry Mom) I am kinda struggling with all this high tech stuff and don't understand how it all works, just have a vague Idea. Worst of all I don't think I really want to know how it works. and how come things keep getting smaller but cost more. I have this image of Christmases in the future where kids come running excitely into the christmas tree to see what Santa brought and all there is is this tiny little pile consisting of cell phones that are the size of an earing cause thats how they work. just pin it in your ear and your good to go. same with the music contraptions. etc. O.K. focus here Pink princess Radio Pink princess radio.


Felicia said...

I'm pretty sure I saw a pink MP3 player at that was around $12 (may have been on sale last week).

I'm not very handy with all the new technical stuff, but I COULD help you download princess songs to an MP3 player...I think.

Do you know where I can get a Star Wars clone helmet for less than $30? That's the one and only thing Caleb wants, and it get terrible reviews. I can't stand the thought of paying that much for one toy that's junk.

Boy Mom said...

Dear Cowboy Mom

Ahh girls, princesses.

How fun!


Boy Mom

the james family said...

I'll keep my eyes open. Lots of stores here to look through.
And thanks for the gift ideas.