Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cowboy Poetry

Well we had fun Last saturday. We went to the cowboy poetry gathering in Heber City. The kids had about 45 minutes to fill There were 6 kids, 4 of them belonged to me. This is getting a little overwhelming, but we sure enjoy it. Chance did 2 poems, Aubree did 3 poems, Caib did 4 poems and Braden did 4 poems. I believe that this poetry experience is so good for the kids. They have learned a lot about overcoming there fears of a stage, they've learned about what it takes to prepare for a stage performance(practice, practice, practice, and more practice)no matter how ready you think you are you keep practicing. The fun thing this time was listening to them practice over and over all on their own. Even then, they had a few mind blocks on stage but they backed each other up and all went well. We've sure had fun being involved in these gatherings.

This is one of the poems Caib did
Cowboy in Rollerblades
I’m sure enough a cowboy
With my wrangler jeans and all.
I’ve been ridin’ in the saddle
Since I was pretty small.

I’d snicker at them city dudes
In their great big baggy britches
And watchin’ them with roller blades
Would have me near in stitches.

A rollin down the sidewalks
With their underwear’s in view
Come on now admit it
It’s had you a laughin, too.

Then one day I decided
Before I laugh and joke
About them silly foot wheels
That I’ve seen on city folk.

I’d have a little go at it
I’d try them wheels out
Heck! it couldn’t be that hard,
And I think I’m pretty stout.

I put the wheels on my feet
I stand and for I know it
My right foots headed skyward
And my left foots back below it.

I never knowed my body
Would stretch out in quite that way
I never could get up again
Until I put them wheels away.

Now thinkin’ back upon it
I sure am really glad
I was born a country boy
To a country lovin’ dad.

And climbin back upon my horse
Is sure a mighty treat
Cause I know that I’m plumb lucky
He aint got wheels on his feet!

-Cathy Brian-

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