Monday, November 3, 2008


Today is my anniversary. I need some ideas about celebrating. I'm thinking about a homemade candel light dinner. with the three older kids serving us. but thats not very original. I've heard of a lot of people doing that.

I've come to the conclusion, after thirteen years that I am not a very creative person and I discourage easily if my plans seem to much. I've also discovered that Roger won't plan anything he just suggests that maybe we could do something. and if I don't take the ball and run nothing happens.. Which I've known since the day we went on our honeymoon, he told me he would plan it and didn't, so I did. I'm not complaining though. Thirteen years can grow a lot of love and understanding. I wouldn't change Roger for anything.(I'll leave the changing to him.) I just want to prove the love to him a little more creatively today, and since I'm not that creative, well, you can see my dilema.

I had to search for this picture to go along with my blog and in the process I thought a trip down "memory lane" would be fun so I started taking all kinds of pictures etc. to make a small movie. I'll see how it works.


Felicia said...

Ooh. I'm racking my brain trying to come up with something.

Did you guys date here in this area? When we were living in Logan, we took our kids to some of the places we went while we were dating, and to the place we got engaged, and of course to the temple grounds. That turned out kind of fun. Since it's Monday that could be a fun way to involve the family. The dinner sounds fun, too. I bet your kids would have fun with that. Just let your "party planner" (aubree) do the work :o)

I agree with you...when plans get too complicated, it's easier to just "not do it". I used to go all out on everything, but I got old somewhere along the line and now I'm boring.

We have a book called Family Home Evening for couples, that might have some simple activities you could do with Roger, if he would do that kind of thing. Todd and I have done a few of them, and it always feels a bit cheezy in the beginning, but we usually end up having fun. I appreciate anything that leads to a conversation that's not about the kids, work, home repairs, or finances.

The activity that I remember the most was a scavenger hunt where we had to go around the house and pick out an item that represented our engagement, our wedding, our house, etc. We were way too lazy to walk around the house and gather things up (that we would just have to put away), so we just wrote on a piece of paper the things that we WOULD have picked. It was interesting (and funny) to see what we both came up with.

We also have "conversation starter" cards if you're into that, or the game Life Stories.

Look at me, I sound like I'm married to a therapist or something :o)

Call me if you want to borrow anything, and I'll keep thinking. It's hard sometimes when you live in the middle of nowhere.

Felicia said...

Oh, and I totally forgot:

Happy Anniversary!

The Colemans said...

Happy Anniversary. I remeber I still had a streak of blue hair in the back from halloween at your wedding. Cute Halloween pictures and I love the picture of Braden and Caib when they are little that is so cute and I laugh at all your chance stories, They're great.