Friday, November 7, 2008

For Grandma James

The reason I titled this one For G.J. is because she may be the only one who really, really appreciates this. Chance has taken on a new hobby. It doesn't matter what I hand him he turns it in to letters.

In the garage last night as we were getting into the car Chance picked up two sticks and held them up in the shape of a T saying
"look mom what is this?"
He pauses and then says
"It's a T"
and drops the sticks and climbs into the car.

We got home this morning from taking kids to school etc.. and he sits down on the floor with his cars and plays for a minute. Then he says to me

"Mom, what are these letters?"

a pause and then

"this ones an I this ones a T and here's an L"

I, of course, shake my head and grab the camera.

And finally here is his, self thought of, snack time activity. Making pretzel words. He informed me that he was writing his name. After using up all the pretzels he announces:

"There, see Mom, That says me."(proof that he's not a genius, just smart like most kids.) I had to help him make the R's but he insisted he needed R's in his name.


Anonymous said...

Obviously he is ready to be taught the sounds that the letters make. You teach him letter sounds and multi-letter sounds--ch says ch as in Chance and he will be reading overnight. Then watch out for the fire alarms that say pull down.

Anonymous said...

you guessed it! This is Grandma.

Boy Mom said...

Wow, Jacob is just starting to make letters out of his food.
Chance must be a genius.