Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Soup? an inaccurate narritive with the right idea

Braden: "Mom, are we having soup for Thanksgiving?"

Mom: "Soup? of course we're not having soup for Thanksgiving we're having Turkey, Stuffing, and Potatoes."

Why in the world is he thinking we'll have soup for Thanksgiving?

An hour Later

Braden: Mom, are you sure we aren't having soup for Thanksgiving? I hate soup.

Mom: "Well good because we aren't having soup it's Thanksgiving You know Turkey, Potatoes, Yams.... "

Braden: "Good, because I hate soup."

what kind of a mom am I raising a kid that thinks we might be having soup for Thanksgiving.. Have I failed as a mom?

Next Afternoon

Grandma Brian( with Braden on the way home form school .She brings him home every day.): are you excited for Thanksgiving?

Braden: Yeah, as long as we don't have soup.

Grandma Brian: Oh, you wont have soup. It's Thanksgiving. You'll have Turkey, potatos and gravy, stuffing...."

Braden "I know but in the James family they always have soup. At least, we had Soup Last Christmas."

Ah ha, The Bottom of it. My family does soup a lot and Braden is a meat and potatoes guy through and through. In fact he would probably be happy with a nice Thanksgiving Mutton or steak As long as it's not in soup. I think he asked me a total of 5 or 6 times about what we were having for dinner on Thanksgiving. I was really starting to get irritated. Telling him, "Hello! It's Thanksgiving We're having turkey.

note: Braden has to be reassured a lot or he worries excessively.


Adams Family said...

Can I call at a designed time and you can have Braden answer the phone and then I'll tell him to remind you to bring bowls for our turkey potato soup tomorrow.

Boy Mom said...

What is it with men and soup?