Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New Toy?

Every summer I mow three great big yards, except this last summer. My ride on mower bit the dust despite all the tender care I tried to bestow upon it. My yard is pretty good sized and then my Moms house has a big yard and my mother in laws house has a big yard. I really do enjoy mowing lawns but with a push mower, mowing those three yards would take a week to do. and since yards have to be done once a week, well you can see why I was lucky if my yard got mowed last summer.

Not only that I had Oaklee in July and My pregnancies are a little bit risky so I was told not to do things like, oh, say, mowing lawns.

Anyway. Roger was preg checking cows a couple weeks ago for a man that has a son that works at Hew Holland Equipment. This son happened to be helping with the cows and ended up selling Roger this ride on mower for half price. I ,grudgingly, (secretly relieved) agreed that it would be alright and that we could even have the boys run a yard business in the summers to pay it off. the boys agreed to that, so these two salesmen brought my new lawn mower to me. They proceeded to unload it off the truck and explained to me how to use it. Having done so they told me to go ahead and jump on and try it out. So, on I get. Now I could be lying here, but it wouldn't surprise me if they weren't just a little bit excited to have me try this mower out, and being so, smiled secretly at each other behind my back. So, as I said, on I get. I turn on the mower drive it around my drive way once pull it into the garage, and jump off as I say

"Well, that's pretty easy not much to it really."

The one salesman turns to the other and says. something like "That's not fair it took me a week to figure out how to run this thing."

The other one says, "I know I drove it in circles for half an hour before I figured it out."

The first salesman then says, "Why are women so much better at things like this? My first ride I shoved it into gear popped a wheely and sped down the driveway so fast I was scared to death."

I just shrugged a bit sealed the deal and went on in the house, breathing a huge sigh of relief that I hadn't done something that stupid.

I Can't wait till summer gets here. I love mowing. Just ask Caib.

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Boy Mom said...

You're the 'ridin lawn mower' queen.

You all looked so cute Saturday. One of these days I'm going to watch the kids perform.