Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What would you do?

The Christmas tree was finally up and decorated. It was 10:00 PM the kids were finally in bed and things were quiet. Roger and I sat in the front room quietly enjoying the peaceful, gentle glow from the lights of the tree. We had found a lovely spruce tree this year, and we, among other things, were discussing how nice this prickly tree would divert the excited hands of one little three year old.

As we sat there enjoying the silent night and the opportunity that we had to be alone; since all the children, for once, were asleep at the same time. We both were suddenly aware that the tree was slowly falling towards us.
Now, Having the information I've given you, This is my question: What would you do?
Would you
A: Say " OH SHIT!" jump up and run turn on the light. Or
B: Jump up and attempt to catch the tree in some insane attempt to prevent the priceless (to the children) ornaments from shattering as they hit the ground.
Either way I've had a little time to sit and ponder the reaction of both myself and Roger and still Laugh at how much each reaction has to say about each of us individually. I can, actually, see a shadow of Adam and Eve and their reactions when they were faced with that first and most important decision in the Garden of Eden. If your curious about the correlation I've made you'll just have to call me. I don't have time to type it out.
Anyway Roger and I have gotten quite a laugh out of this years tree "re"decorating experience.


Adams Family said...

I would have caught the tree.

the james family said...

I think I would have caught the tree, but only because you didn't have a C. which would have been my choice. Just sit there and watch it happen with the exclamation in A.

Boy Mom said...

I would have yelled Oh Shit! and grabbed the tree, so I guess I'm in touch with my Adamnum side?