Friday, December 5, 2008

Forget It!

Sitting in the Pick-up each morning I drop my kids off at school and dutifully don my fluorescent Orange vest in my role as public safety uh.....crossing guard. I spend 20 minutes helping about 6 kids cross Main street during rush hour down town.(I think I stop a total of 3 cars).

Almost every morning "Fantastic" rolls by in his wheelchair on his way to the elementary school where he works. Of course, Fantastic is not really his name but Chance somehow concluded that that was his name, one day, while I was trying to teach him that when somebody says "How are you today? " that you respond by saying something like "Fantastic!"

So Yesterday morning "Fantastic" was late and we finished with the crossing guard job without seeing him. Chancee was quite disappointed as I put the cones away and turned off the flashing lights. The whole time he watched for "Fantastic and worried about him.
When I got back into the car our conversation went something like this.

Mom:(after noticing the sad look) Maybe Fantastic is sick Or maybe he drove his truck.(Unusual)

Chance: He's can't walk?

Mom: No, his legs don't work.

Chance: Are's his legs broken?

Mom: I guess you could say that.

Chance (a pause): He's needs a band aid?

Mom: No, that wouldn't help. His legs will get better when Jesus comes again. (seizing the opportunity, I try to use this conversation as a teaching moment)

Chance (Another thoughtful pause and then): Buzz light year can fix them.

Mom: Well, Buzz light year isn't real, Jesus is. Jesus is the only one that can fix them.

Chance (yet, another deep thinking pause): Then Woody can fix them!

Mom (realizing that point is being missed, but in no way discouraged, understanding that many, many more "teaching moments" will come and go through out this little guys life rolls eyes, and slightly amused says): forget it.

After all his little heart is in the right place. Maybe we'll just go get some band aids. Don't band aids solve every three year olds problem anyway? And "Fantastic," being fantastic, would be able to help Chancee understand a whole lot better then I could.

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Boy Mom said...

Fantastic post! The teaching moments are the best even if the pint is missed.

Is Chancee feeling better? He sure seemed miserable at Thanksgiving I wanted to give him a whole case of bandaids.