Sunday, December 28, 2008


Yes! It always amazes me how the anticipation of Christmas makes December creep by untill the 25th and then life, days, time seems to speed up ten fold.
We had a wonderful Christmas .In someways, much to wonderful. Ah well. The kids were happy thanks to the fact that I'm married to Santa Claus. No, It's true, I am. The only real drawback to this, is that his kids are spoiled rotten at Christmas time. and while he's out spreading good cheer I get to deal with the rotteness. Sigh!
Luckily, they really aren't that rotten. and I love having them home for the Christmas Holidays. I believe they all got the things they really wanted except for Braden, who wanted a bullwhip. Roger wanted to get him one that was real leather and well made. They were either all sold out or back ordered for months. But I don't think Braden has even said one word about it.
I guess the unicycles they got made up for it. They were so distracted by the one wheeled things, that they didn't even ask for, that everything else must have been driven from their minds. Bad thing is that this is the first Christmas in years that we've had a white Christmas. The most they've got to do is practice balancing on them in the house.
We really did have a good Christmas. Thanks Santa!

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Boy Mom said...

My boys are so jealous of the gun.

Looks like a fun day.