Thursday, December 11, 2008

December, I don't have the nerves for this!

With all the concerts, Christmas parties, Operettas, Shopping, etc. That happens this month I, Like I'm sure a lot of you, tend to get, oh, somewhat flustered and absent minded. So a couple of nights ago I had a sudden feeling that one of my children was missing. I looked up and asked the rest of the kids. "Where's Chance?" This began a chorus of "CHANCE!", "CHANCE!" and then a sudden scurry as we all began frantically searching for "CHANCE!". The more we looked the more frantic we got. For little Chance was nowhere to be found. The upstairs was searched three or four times, The basement was in the process of being searched yet, again. My mind was slightly hazy as I reasoned that the kid could not have left the house, after all it was dark outside and as big a talker as that kid is he's the biggest scaredy cat around. Almost, to the point of helplessly searching the house once more, Caib pipes up in triumph. "Here he is!"

The funniest thing about it, was that he was and had been in the same room as the rest of us the whole time.
I know it dosen't look like he's that hidden, But he is behind my big sectional couch in the corner On a big pile of soft blankets. I swear if there was enough room for me to curl up and go to sleep behind that couch I probably would. Oh how heavenly, to be able to escape for just a few minutes, to catch up on some much needed alone time. Oh ,All right, I sometimes need a time out, too.

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Boy Mom said...

Love it. It's so scary when they disappear and you can feel they are all right but you just can't find them.

Guess it prepares you for missions or something.

I want a time out today!