Thursday, September 15, 2011

well........... hm

So... I've sat down to blog a hundred times and either given up or been called away by desperately needy children. I'm going through a "how boring" stage. Everything I do seems redundant, repetitive and reclusive and so in an attempt to not bore my two maybe three readers out there, I've bored you with silence. Maybe I do need winter to get here.

Braden's enjoying high school (snicker) He has no choice. Actually he's enjoying being on the baseball team. The last game they had he hit the ball and then barely beat the ball to first base causing many people to marvel at his speed he usually hides it quite well with his slow, suave, swagger. He then stole second, made it to third on a hit and then scored the winning run.

Caib's loving being a big 8th grader in the middle school. He is doing exceptionally well in school except for the musical tryouts that he was required to sing at. He came home and told me of the complete bomb it was. I asked him if he got a part in the play and he told me "well, not a lead part." "That's probably best," says I, with a wink. He grinned and nodded. Caib also got a job at the local Napa Auto store cleaning and helping out for a couple of hours after school. He seems to enjoy that. He also started up with guitar lessons this fall a couple of times a month. maybe he could accompany a good singer one day.

Aubree 4th grade sigh.....She's growing up way to fast for me. Aubree is an exceptional student. She has the only male teacher in the school this year and she's doing quite well. I sure wish there were more good men teachers. Aubree is still taking piano lessons and does a good job with music. She loves to come to me and make me sing with her. I used to love to sing with my sisters and it's fun to watch Aubree develop an interest in music.

Chance loves school. Of course that kid just loves to learn. He collects facts and randomly shares them with me. For example...This morning while getting ready for school he says to me, "Mom, did you know that the stars are still up in the sky right now? They're just hiding behind the sun, oh and did you know that the sun is just a big star?" "Sure enough, Chance. I reply. and did you know that a caterpillars cocoon is called a crysalyx and he even knows how many days the caterpillar stays in the crysalyx before it comes forth as a beautiful butterfly. He told me yesterday that he, among other things is going to be an airplane pilot when he grows up because they fly faster then helicopters. and on and on.........

Oaklee's adjusting well to Chance being gone for 3 hours a day. I think she enjoys having the whole house to herself. She loves to get out her stuffed animals and set them up and play with them. I hear her in there just talking away. It also makes it nice when Chance does come home because Chance and Oaklee act as if they haven't seen each other in forever and they talk and play and get along extremely well. Oaklee loves to sing, too. she has a song for everything and I think her favorite song is "the eensy weensy spider"

and so life continues on and I thought I'd better blog about it before I forget about it. I guess it's not as boring as I perceived it to be. It's just sometimes it can seem mundane and tedious. But, I love it. I love watching my children grow. some are at stages where I cringe and think "Oh, I'm SSOOOO glad I don't have to live through that again." and some are at fun points in there lives that bring back fun memories and longings that I'd maybe taken more advantage of my youth and excelled in more things.


Cheyenne said...

I love hearing about your day to day. It's what 'real life' is about and it's refreshing to hear about others. I think I've told you before-but you're a great mom-with what sounds like great kids! It's so fun, isn't it?

Jenny said...

Oh, wow, I can't believe how old your kids are getting considering your still 29. ;) Caib sure is doing a lot, how proficient of him. That's cute that Chance and Oaklee are such good friends after a brief separation.