Sunday, September 18, 2011

Chancee's Chatterings

This picture has absolutely nothing to do with this post

Saturday morning Amongst the hustle and bustle of Dad and the older boys getting ready to go up on the mountain to herd, I yelled at every one to get their dirty clothes up the stairs if they wanted clean clothes for school next week. Of course no one responded and so after the three before mentioned left I thought that at least the ones left could get there clothes into the wash so I suggested to Chance that he should get his clothes upstairs even if no one else did. He headed down stairs and I continued getting everything ready to bottle peaches. soon I heard some grunting and groaning coming from the basement and I went to the top of the stairs to see what was causing such vocal exertion. Chance sat at the bottom of the stairs with his large purple bucket filled to the brim with clothes.

"What are you doing?" says I, "Did Braden and Caib talk you into bringing their clothes for them?" I ask, some what exasperated.

"Nope," says Chance, "I just got an Idea and I did it." says Chance with one finger in the air.

I guess our Family Home Evening lesson on service and the talks we gave in church on service worked. At least Saturday morning when the clothes needed brought up and some people hadn't done it.

Thank heaven for the little things that make a mothers insistent hen pecking all worth it. There are some times when I wonder if all the lessons are even penetrating their little skulls.


Cheyenne said...

So cute! I can imagine the little finger poked in the air. We can learn from these little ones, too, can't we?

Love the photo at the top-those girls are beauties!

Jenny said...

So cute! I bet those moments make all the other less than sweet ones worth it.