Friday, September 2, 2011

We would Like to introduce.......

Yes, We have a new addition down here on the farm, Four new additions to be exact.
We have Wilbur, the white one. Puffin, the black and white one. Herman the red one in the back and Sassy the big red female in front. Warning: These names are subject to change at any given time
What is it about pigs that makes a person wonder.....I always get this uneasy feeling that pigs have some sort of human like characteristics that make them slightly more intelligent then the average farm animal. I find myself talking to them as if they should understand. I expect more out of them then I would, say a cow chewing her cud. I don't know... maybe it's just me and my pig like qualities that are a bit scary..... uh, ahem..... anyway

I do have to say for a dirty little animal I think they are pretty durn cute!!

These are the two littlest.

There ya go....What? You may ask, Will our country cousins obtain next.

I've always wanted a donkey..........


Jenny said...

Um, why do you have them? Are you actually going to name one Wilbur and it?! And if not, what do you do with pigs besides talk to them as if they were intelligent?

Adams Family said...

I am kind of with Jenny only I think the whole Wilbur idea is so that you don't have to spray for spiders.