Saturday, September 24, 2011

That Little Cowboy

I hope my neighbor dosen't get mad at me for doing this, but I couldn't resist. In August for our county fair I am in charge of a cowboy poetry contest for the youth. My neighbors have 8 little blond haired girls and they have entered the contest every year. They always do a REALLY cute job with their poems but this year the little 5 year old's poem stole my heart and made me grin. Here's why: Chance is five, too. They live right be hind us with a wood fence in between our yards and theirs. This was her poem. Her Mom wrote it.

The Little Cowboy

There is a little cowboy

That I see most every day.

He don't know I'm watching him,

It's probably best that way.

I see that little Cowboy,

Through a knothole in my fence,

And the things I see him do

To me, don't make no sense.

I saw him climb on his dog

Trying hard to get a ride.

But all that ever happened

Was the dog and ground collide.

Once he was being pecked at

By a hen he'd tried to rope,

I reckon It's a boy thing

Though I sure don't get it--NOPE!

But I've got a little secret

That I'll only tell to you.

I think that cowboy sure is cute

And I know he likes me, too.

Cuz, sometimes when I'm playin'

I can see him watch me, too

I've even heard him whistle
through that hole a time or two.

-Misty Knutson-

So.. I suggested that maybe we ought to take some pictures and do a photo book. Here's some of the pictures we ended up with.












Techno Grandma said...

The poem is darling and so are the kids. I sneak peeks out the window sometimes too cause they are so cute to watch.

Daniel Standage said...

Way cute!

real-life said...

how stinkin cute is that!

Jenny said...

Ah, is this a budding romance I'm sensing? ;)

Cheyenne said...

Oh--that stole my heart! That is the SWEETEST little poem, the photos are cute and the kids are yanking on my heartstrings. Precious memories!

Your neighbour has EIGHT BLONDE HAIRED LITTLE LADIES!?!? That would be my dream...!! I am not sure how she does it though!