Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Chancee's big Day.......

Of course Oaklee is excited, almost three whole hours with mom, all to herself, as.....

Chance finally begins his first day of Kindergarten. Chance and his Kindergarten teacher. She's taught all my kids Kindergarten and they all gave her a big compliment today as they each told Chance how lucky he was to be in Kindergarten. Aubree wishes she could have had her as a teacher for every grade.

Pigs on the brain. We had a reunion this last weekend and For some odd reason I was inspired to quickly whip up these cupcakes to take......hmmmmm

And....Here we go again. Uncle Shannon decided to give this horse to Braden and Caib for a little work they did for him this last summer. They've decided that after they get her good and broke that she'll be my horse since I don't have a horse that is officially mine and I really like bay horses. This is Caib riding her for the first time. She did lay down and roll with him but I was so busy making sure Caib was O.K. that I for got to take a picture. sigh....mothers!!


Jenny said...

K, um, it's a good thing Oaklee is so cute or I'd be getting a whole, Children of the Corn vibe. ;)

How exciting for Chance. Now he can start "really" deciding what he wants to be when he grows up.

Those pigs are sooooo cute! How clever and homemakee of you.

At least you didn't drop the camera and break it when the horse rolled. I would have!

Adams Family said...

Wow, you are getting old...I mean your kids are getting old.